About Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental plans pay you.

Supplemental Insurance

Medical insurance pays the doctors and hospital. Supplemental plans pay you.


Accident Plans pay you for injuries that require you to go to urgent care or ER. Some accident plans also reimburse some hospitalization expenses.

Short-Term Disability Plans protect your paycheck when you are unable to work for an extended time due to an injury or severe illness.  Some plans can start paying you within 2 weeks of being disabled and can pay up to 24 months.

There are two ways cancer plans will pay. Cancer Treatment Plans pay a fixed amount for certain expenses associated with treatment.  Some plans pay a lump sum upon a cancer diagnosis.  Some plans will also pay a fixed amount upon diagnosis and then reimbursement amounts for treatment and travel expenses associated with treatment.

Critical Illness Plans typically pay a lump sum upon diagnosis of several types of severe and chronic illnesses.  Some plans will pay for certain specified events such as heart attack and stroke or a cancer diagnosis.

Hospitalization Plans will reimburse expenses associated with a stay in the hospital. They can range from a lump sum for any hospitalization or a set amount per day someone is confined to the hospital. Many plans also have riders that will also reimburse for things like MRIs, outpatient surgery, ambulance, and ER visits.

DVH- Dental, Vision, and Hearing Plans were developed for seniors because Medicare basically doesn’t cover those needs. Most companies now offer these plans to younger people and families. While some people only want a stand-alone vision plan, most can get dental and vision coverage with a DVH plan for about the same cost as a dental plan alone.

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