About Life Insurance

Many plans are available with no medical exam.

Term Plans – We have several nationally recognized companies available with 5-30 year term plans.

Whole Life – Permanent life plans that accumulate cash value. Whole Life plans also include the lower face amount final expense burial plans.

Indexed Universal Life (IUL)– IULs are also permanent life plans that can accumulate cash value. An IUL’s earnings reflect the gains and losses of a stock or investment index. The earnings potential is less volatile than whole life because they have an earnings cap and floor to protect against loss.

Life/LTC Hybrid – Affordable Long Term Care plans are very hard to find.  Another drawback to traditional LTC plans is they are a “use it or lose it” proposition. If someone dies without using any or all of their LTC benefits the premiums they have paid over the years are gone. With a Life/LTC Hybrid plan, there is a death benefit that will be paid to the policyholder’s beneficiary.

Child Policies – Life insurance for a child can guarantee them the coverage that may not be available later because of a catastrophic health diagnosis or debilitation injury. No one wants to benefit financially from the loss of a child. Who can put a price on being able to take time to mourn instead of rushing back to work because of finances?

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